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Make-up artist Bruce Dean has glamorized countless high-profile faces, from Hollywood’s elite to New York runways, as well as Vogue models, music celebrities and the cast of Broadway’s Bombay dreams. “I’ve loved doing make-up since I was a teenager” says Bruce, who practiced make up techniques on his younger sisters as well as himself. “Wearing make-up to class in high school didn’t go over too well with my classmates” says Bruce. When asked what influenced his choice to become a make-up artist he replied, “I grew up surrounded by a large family who enjoyed finding and applying those extra little touches to enhance their personal appearance and their lives, so I have always paid close attention to the details of dress, grooming and nutrition.” This attention to detail has enabled Bruce to evolve into a consummate professional whose work has literally touched the faces of celebrities and high profile professionals.

In college, Bruce enhanced his artistic skills through photography courses. Photography laid the ground work for Bruce to develop and refine his sense in color and texture, which helped him quickly establish a reputation for flawless make- up in his early years as a make-up artist. Recognizing Bruce’s talent, MAC Cosmetics fostered Bruce’s rise by making him manager of MAC Pro - New York City. There, Bruce was able to grow and diversify in his career by working with some of the world’s top make-up artists, working with a wide variety of top-notch professionals and teaching classes for MAC Artist as well. “I have pretty much worked all aspects of the industry,” says Bruce. This has given him the knowledge only experienced by a few, establishing him as a highly experienced make-up artist.

With an ability to pre-visualize a concept or choose the best product for a client, Bruce has the talent and finesse fostered by years of experience to accomplish whatever task is at hand.

A native Southern Californian, Bruce now lives in the Bay Area and travels for work from California to New York and occasionally abroad.

A special note from Bruce

I have found that for many people, having make-up done is an intimate experience. I’m invited into my clients’ personal space, and I enjoy developing trust and bonding with them. It is my belief that each person’s look should be as individual as her or his own signature. I’ve established the concept “Not Without My Make-up” to encompass all of the needs you have for your special day, whether you need to be camera ready, are going to a high profile event, or it’s your wedding day. It’s my job to be there to make sure your make-up is flawless and to ensure that you look your absolute best, enabling you to have that extra boost of confidence and self-assurance for your special event. How many times have you said “Not Without My Make-up!” Well, I’m listening, so before that special occasion, call me!

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